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Choral Tracks Helps Individual Singers Simplify Their Practicing

Choral Tracks is the perfect tool for individual singers to practice their music outside choir rehearsals. Our tracks are the highest quality tracks on the market featuring professional quality singing by Matthew Curtis. By empowering singers to practice on their own outside of rehearsal, more time can be utilized for artistry and ensemble in choir rehearsals.

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Monthly and Yearly membership options are available, both come with the same features and a 7-Day FREE trial. Our Individual Monthly Membership is $12.99/month and our Individual Yearly Membership is $129.99/year (SAVE 17% off the annual Monthly Membership cost). You'll have access to our entire catalog of songs, and can cancel anytime.

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Choral Tracks Offers Three Track Types for Each Song

Balanced voices

Balanced Voices

Balanced voices tracks for each piece give a full choir balanced volume mix to hear a piece of music as a full performance.

Part predominant

Part Predominant

Part predominant tracks for each voice part are the perfect place to start as the highlighted voice part is at a much higher volume with the other parts in the background for reference.

Accompaniment tracks

Accompaniment Tracks

Accompaniment tracks offer the perfect way to practice singing independently without the reference of any singing, and they can even be used in full choir rehearsals.

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